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Monsieur Campbell Mills K. AGBAVITO

AC Link, in its international development, is very pleased to announce a new member of the team:

Mr. Campbell Mills K. AGBAVITO, in charge of recruitment for Africa, based in Lomé (Togo).

This former sportsman and great football player was first a sports journalist and an intermediary; this is how he helped a few African and European clubs in their recruitments in Africa. We can name for example Olympiacos, Piraeus, Le Havre …
Former representative of Marcel Desailly’s football academy, he has also worked for several academies in Africa such as:

• Diambars and Generation football in Senegal,
• Glowlamp, Right to Dreams in Ghana,
• Kini-Kini in Benin.

He rubbed shoulders with great african and international footballers, building a strong address book in the process. He was successively former club team manager, TMS and FIFA Connect club administrator, Sporting Director of ASFOSA club in Lomé, one of the legendary clubs in Togo that played continental cups in the 80s / 90s.
He maintains good relationships with several african football federations, national coaches and selectors, intermediaries etc., and, above all, benefits from a good vision of the african and worldwide football.

He is also a consultant on several detection tournaments in Africa and head recruiter on a few international tournaments such as OBERCOM in Ghana and South Africa, as well as TIAFOOT, organized by the SWALLOWS academy, one of the best football academies in Togo.

There is no doubt that Mr. Agbavito will be an asset in the African market for  AC Link and our club OBB.



Mobile: +228 90216477