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Ashanti Gold SC was founded in 1978 by a group of employees of the Ashanti Goldfields Corporation under the name of Goldfields Sporting Club famously known as Obuasi Goldfields. The employees continued to pay the salaries and costs for the team and in the 1984 season the club finished as runner-up in the FA Cup. The management took notice and, through their leading shareholder Lonrho, arranged funding and sent an English manager. Following their success in the FA cup, the team was promoted to Ghana Premier League. For almost a decade the team struggled due to disorganization, until 1993 when a company official at AGC revamped the club and brought in another English manager.
In 2004, Obuasi Goldfields Sporting Club Ltd. is renamed Ashanti Gold Sporting Club Ltd.

Years of success

That next season, AshGold finished third in the division. The next year a 13-man Board of Directors was established and AshGold won the league. Over the next two years, AshGold won the league again.

The AshGold has competed in four competitions representing Ashanti. In 1995, they reached the quarter-finals in the African Champions League and in 1996 only into the final 16. In 1997 they were the runners up of the African Champions League.

Ashanti Gold SC have remained a top team in the First Capital Plus Bank Premier League. They continue to produce excellent footballers who have played throughout Europe. AshGold goalkeeper George Owu, for example, joined the Black Stars in their quest for the FIFA 2006 World Cup.

Today, the first team has 36 players under contract, there is also a reserve team playing in the second division. The club also has youth teams of all age categories.


Ashanti Gold play their home matches at Len Clay Stadium in Obuasi, with a capacity of 30,000 pers. All the Club’s teams use the 2 additional grounds nearby for trainings.


Official trophies (recognized by CAF and FIFA)


• First Capital Plus Bank Premier League: 1993–94, 1994–95, 1995–96, 2015
• MTN FA Cup: 1992–93; Finalist: 1984, 2011–12


• CAF Champions League: Runners-up 1997

Other trophies: Ghana Telecom Gala: 1995–96


• CAF Champions League: 4 appearances
1997 – Finalist
2007 – First Round
2008 – First Round
2016 Preliminary round

• African Cup of Champions Clubs: 1 appearance
1996 – Second Round

• CAF Confederation Cup: 2 appearance
2011 – First Round
2019 — First Round

• CAF Cup: 2 appearances
2001 – Quarter-finals
2002 – First Round

• National Championship winner : 1994, 1995,1996, 2015
• National Cup Winner : 1993
• National Cup Finalist : 1984, 2012


As you know, Ghana is a great football ground in Africa, with one of the best teams on the continent.
The management company AC Link has therefore joined forces with the Ashanti Gold FC club in order to source talents, create partnerships and share best practices with other similar clubs on the continent.