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Sport is synonymous with pleasure, passion, sharing, emotions transcending languages, cultures and borders.

It is through these universal notions that AC LINK decides, from 2016, to help the creation and development of a football team in the region of Ebolowa, Southern region of Cameroon.

By becoming their first sponsor and principal donor, AC LINK is making its contribution by supporting an ambitious project. The Olympic Football Club Biwong-Bane commonly called O.B.B. made his third division debut in 2016.

From the first season, L’O.B.B. rapidly distinguished himself by finishing in first place in the championship. But due to internal problems in the Cameroonian Football League, the Federation decided that there would be no rises or relegations for the 2016-2017 season. This is how the club, despite its first place, had to do another season in the 3rd division.

At the end of an amazing season 2017-2018 without any defeat O.B.B. naturally wins the championship and reaches the 2nd regional division with all the honors.

The main goal for 2019-2020 is now to reach the Elite 2 championship. There is no small ambition and with these more than encouraging debuts, O.B.B., pool of young talents, writes its story and promises great successes.